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Our mission and goal from the inception of our Angus breeding program has been to provide "Positive Impact" genetics to our commercial producer customers. There are no other agendas.

It is imperative to our success to provide viable and current genetic packages with positive measurable values and a long list of convenience traits that make our customer's work less burdensome as they conduct the daily business of their beef cattle enterprise.

We accomplish this by being avid users of the AHIR and Ultrasound data collected by us and analyzed by the American Angus Association. We are students of skeletal structure that predict the animal's ability to travel and function in our semi–arid environment. Hip structure must be correct to allow a female to calve easily and unassisted. Udder quality and teat placement is an essential convenience trait.

Remember function follows form and form dictates function.

Our success is measured by the success of our rancher customers. We have a growing list of ranchers who have been successful using our product and to them we are eternally grateful.

Remember that if you adopt the philosophies of our program and use the genetics that we provide, we will have a "Positive Impact" on your beef cattle enterprise.

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