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McLean Ranches purebred operation is unique in our part of the world as all the cattle are summered in native rangeland pastures without the benefit of irrigation or creep feed for the calves. Our rangeland is cool season grasses that are in a growing stage for about 90 days. The rest of the grazing season our cattle live and produce on dry standing forages. No bulls are merchandised to our customers if they have not achieved a 600-lb. 205-day adjusted weight in this environment. Fertility, convenience traits, skeletal composition, performance traits and carcass qualities are all part of the selection equation. Bulls are marketed from the ranch as yearlings. Our selling season starts December 1, private treaty. The bulls are priced wintered with a breeding soundness exam and delivered to our customers ranches in the spring. Ultrasound data is also collected and utilized in our selection process.

We are continually striving to enhance the productive abilities of our cowherd. Our success is best illustrated by pointing out that 92% of all male purebred calves born here in 2004 acheived or exceeded our requirement of a 600# 205 day adjusted weaning weight. Please note that this goal was accomplished without creep in a semi arid environment that requires 40 acres to summer a cow.

Our ranching operation was founded with a homestead in 1898. It continues today with Bill and Beverly and our son Dean, his wife Linda, and their two children Lee and Cheyenne. Everyone in our operation contributes to the creation, development and well-being of a top notch product delivered to our customers.

Visitors to our ranch from greener environments often ask why we live here. Our response is that this is where great-grandad’s oxen died and they could go no further. Actually, the environment where our cattle are raised and developed is a blessing in disguise in that the young bulls are acclimated to the environment that they must live and work in.

From left to right: Dean, Linda, Lee, Cheyenne, Bill and Bev.
Our families are very cognizant of the fragility of our resources and the practices that we employ allowed us to be Washington States first “Conservation Security Program” partner with the NRCS. We achieved tier three levels in both our farming and grazing practices.
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