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Cattle for Sale

Our calf crop has been evaluated by the American Angus Association’s AHIR® department.

Bulls and heifers are available now for your viewing and selection. Bulls are priced and wintered with breeding soundness exam and delivered to your ranch prior to your time of use.

Study our herd sire page and see the usefulness and the genetic power that we are incorporating into our genetic program for our customers.

The program here dictates these animals possess a multitude of traits that will allow them to impart a POSITIVE IMPACT into the production programs that choose to select McLean Ranch genetics.

We encourage you to study the data, inspect the bulls and heifers, look at the positive impact these genetics have created for the ranchers that have used them, and become a part of a growing list of successful McLean Ranch customers.

McLean Ranch Angus cattle are bred, raised and selected in an environment that allows them to adapt to most any environment that they are asked to work. They have been selected to have positive values in all areas of the production chain.

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